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About Hicks Ranch

A purebred Brangus cattle operation

Welcome to Hicks Ranch, a purebred Brangus cattle operation located in Alto, Texas! Established in 2004 by Cherokee County native, Adam Hicks, his dedicated wife, and their three kids, Hicks Ranch has blossomed from a single show heifer to over 150 head of cows.

At Hicks Ranch, we cherish our roots and the values that have shaped us over the years. Our journey has been defined by hard work, integrity, and a shared passion for breeding top-quality Brangus cattle. As a family-owned operation, we take immense pride in providing the utmost care and attention to each of our cherished animals, ensuring they thrive in our lush pastures.

As we reflect on our achievements, we remain steadfast in our mission to continue growing and expanding. Our vision for Hicks Ranch is to become a leading name in the Brangus cattle industry, known not only for exceptional breeding but also for fostering a warm and welcoming environment for our visitors.


The History of Hicks Ranch

A purebred Brangus cattle operation

In 1965, Alton Hicks, Adam's beloved grandfather, laid the foundation for a thriving post and lumber company in Alto, Texas. As a testament to his remarkable legacy, he was also renowned for his exceptional Brahman Cattle, skillfully managing a thriving herd of over 300 cows. Inspired by the admirable work ethic of his grandfather, Alton’s passion and love for beef cattle fueled Adam to join the beef cattle industry.

At age 11, Adam's burning passion for cattle led him to persuade his parents to allow him to leave early from school, eager to accompany his esteemed grandfather to a cattle sale. That day, Adam used his hard-earned money earned from working after school and at his family’s post mill to purchase his very first Registered Brangus female. He would utilize this heifer as a show prospect in 2004, and she would set the foundation for Hicks Ranch.

In 2019, a new chapter unfolded for Hicks Ranch, as Adam's parents, Larry and Cynthia, integrated into the cherished family-operation. With unwavering commitment and profound dedication, Larry and Cynthia assumed vital roles, becoming instrumental pillars in the success of Hicks Ranch, actively contributing to its daily operations.

Today, with unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Adam has built an impressive herd of 75 registered Brangus cows, additionally overseeing an 85 head commercial operation. Carrying forward the legacy of his grandfather's commitment to excellence, Adam is carving his path in the beef industry, guided by the values instilled by his grandfather.

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