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Suhn’s Pathway 331J57

Semen: $50/straw with a commercial discount available
Contact for Semen Purchases: Adam Hicks: 903-426-4556 or GenePlus: 877-436-3877

Suhn’s Pathway 331J57 was our $62,000 selection at the GenePlus November 2022 Bull Sale in Conord, AR. Dubbed as one of the greatest Brangus herd sires to ever walk through the storied ring at Chimney Rock, he is unbelievably constructed from every angle. He packs so many attributes the breed is seeking into one package unlike any Brangus sire that’s been seen in years. Massive in his body and dimension, he is huge in his rib cage with exceptional spring and shape, depth of heart and depth of flank. He’s bold in his top and in his pin width, carrying the expression all the way through his stifle. While he’s good in person, he is equally impressive on paper with his incredible data collection ranging from his top 10% on WW, YW & SC, top 15% for BW & REA, top 20% for CED and top 35% for IMF. He arrived at a 79# BW and went on to ratio 111 for WW, 107 YW, 105 REA, and 102 for IMF with a 40.4 SC in an extremely competitive Suhn herd. Calving ease numbers with breed leading growth and carcass; a maternal base that is proven in calve raising and herd sire department and a bull that actually has true red meat and substance from head to tail. Pathway is the bull we feel will continue to lead the Brangus breed in the right direction!


Suhn’s Ultimate 30H157

Domestic and CSS Semen: $50/straw with a commercial discount available
Contact for Semen Purchases: Adam Hicks: 903-426-4556 or GenePlus: 877-436-3877

Suhn’s Ultimate 30H157 is a bull that recorded the highest weaning and yearling weights in the history of the Suhn program with a staggering 935# WW. He kept the pedal down and went on to record a 16.40 REA with a 5.65 IMF to ratio 122 at WW, 112 at YW, 115 on REA and 120 on IMF. Elite EPD ranking land him in the top 1% for YW, 2% WW & TM, 3% for REA, 4% for CEM, 10% for SC, 30% for Milk, and 35% for IMF. Ultimate is built with immense extension, huge middled, big hipped, and a high-quality sheath design, moving freely and quietly around with a 5 STAR disposition. This is a bull that can match the performance and carcass of any breed, anywhere, anytime. And a phenotype acceptable to breeders from North to South and East to West.

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CB MS Capital Gain 2051K10

CB MS Capital Gain 2051K10 was our $30,000 selection at the April CDP Sale. Out of a full sister to Masterpiece and sired by Capital Gain, this young donor prospect has 14 traits in the top 30% or greater! Calving ease, growth, carcass, maternal, she checks it all. Her actual performance matches up with this and when you evaluate her in person, she is just as impressive. Big ribbed, big topped, thick made, easy keeping and structurally correct. She’s the type to elevate any program. 

Partnered with Selden Farms

CFC Miss Trail Boss 7139J

CFC Miss Trail Boss 7139J is a complete package female that rolls maternal, growth, and carcass all up into a moderate frame size. She entered the world at 78# and went on to smash the scales with an AWW of 687, AYW 1038, REA 10.97, FT 0.25, & IMF of 5.01. On paper she’s fantastic, and maybe even more impressive phenotypically. She’s in the Brangus breed’s trait leading tier for growth, fertility and carcass with Top 1% WW,YW, SC and Terminal, Top 5% Rea and Top 10% IMF. Built correctly from the ground up, she can thrive in any part of the country! Coming from the 7139 cow family who is leaving a mark in the breed, and sired by Trail Boss who will be one of the most influential sires in the breed, she is destined to have a huge impact in the breed as well. 

CFC-ECCC Miss Oracle 30J4

CFC-ECCC Miss Oracle 30J4 was our selection at the 2022 TBBA Sale held at Tenroc Ranch. A tremendously strong individual sired by Oracle and out of a donor of Cross F Cattle that goes back to a full sister of Trail Boss. She possess both beauty and brawn as she recorded an 1180 pound YW, 13.96 REA, a 7.44 IMF and ranks in the top 25% or greater for an incredible 9 traits. Her pedigree is full of Donors and she is destined for that pen as well.

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Hicks Ranch is a premier source for Brangus cattle in East Texas. Each spring we offer approximately 25 to 30 bulls private treaty. We primarily retain our Brangus heifers for replacement heifers in our own operation, but do offer approximately. 20 heifers per year private treaty. 

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